SDSG Greens


SDSG Green Party candidate Jeanie Warnock thanked her campaign team and supporters and called for work to continue on two issues which were central to her campaign: removing barriers for Akwesasne Mohawks moving between Kawehn:oke (Cornwall Island) and the city of Cornwall and stopping deforestation across the tri-counties.

According to Warnock, “A highlight of the campaign for me was the chance to speak with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA), including the Grand Chief, Abram Benedict. This is one of the largest indigenous communities in Canada, located just 70 minutes from Ottawa, but their right to a free and easy access to Cornwall is being denied. Both Conservative and Liberal governments have had a chance to fix this, but for all the talk of reconciliation and serious reparations, there’s been little progress. Eric Duncan has made a definite promise that, if re-elected, he would head to Washington immediately to renegotiate the placement of the port of entry. As Sept. 30, Orange Shirt Day, approaches, let’s insist that our politicians work together, bi-partisanly, to ensure this promise is kept.”

“It’s the easiest thing in the world for me to pop my son into swimming lessons at the Aquatic Centre or to go to the beaches at Long Sault. And I live up in North Stormont. Yet for Mohawks just five minutes away, coming into Cornwall is an unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming process, obviously designed to discourage access. If that isn’t systemic racism, I don’t know what is.”

Warnock also cited the on-going deforestation across the tri-counties as a major concern that would need all levels of government to work together, as well as immediate political action by concerned citizens.

“Campaigning, I heard again and again from people who were devastated by the clear-cutting going unchecked across the riding. You can’t drive five minutes down a county road without encountering another massive pile of clearcut bush, or a smoking pile of burning trees. Yet, the municipalities then turn around and ask the federal government for massive funding to mitigate and slow climate change, including millions of dollars to plant trees! Where is the sense in that—to request money from the “2 Billion Trees” initiative, for example—then do nothing to slow clear cutting in your municipality, especially on lower grade, often marginal farmlands?”

“The federal government needs to make that sort of funding contingent on the municipalities taking concrete action to protect the existing forest cover in the area. And local people who are concerned need to stand for municipal government and work to put those policies in place.”

The SDSG Greens will host a post-election Green Party gathering at Quinn’s Inn, St. Andrews, 8:30 pm. Jeanie can be reached at 343 262 2221.