Donations to the riding association can be made online, by e-transfer or by cheque.

Donors certify:

1. That they are either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

2. That they are making this contribution with their own personal funds and not with a business account or on behalf of another person.

3. That no individual or organization will either partially or fully reimburse them.

You can donate via e-transfer or cheque. A volunteer can pick up your cheque if you live locally.

Please contact our CFO Colin Lathe to donate (email:

Donors receive a receipt from the riding association and a federal tax credit as follows (max donation = $1,650).

edit $

Credit % Credit $ amount

Credit on first $400 75% $300

Credit on > $400 to $750 50% $175

Credit on > $750 to $1,275 33 1/3% $175

Maximum Credit $650