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Greens Election Watching Party Tonight

After you've voted, come and join us at 8:30 pm. Sept. 20, Quinn's Inn at 17329 Kings Rd, St Andrews West for some FREE FOOD and GOOD COMPANY as we watch the election results come in. All welcome!

I haven't had a chance to meet all of the Green Party members in the riding yet, so it will be a great chance for us to say hello. And you will be able to chat with the campaign team who has been working to put up signs and get the message out. We can also strategize about key issues--like the deforestation across the tri counties.

Don't miss out! And bring along a friend or two.


Greens Looking For Gains in Up-coming Election

Cornwall, ON – Sep. 03, 2021 – For Immediate Release

The Green Party of SDSG announced today the launch of their canvassing and sign campaigns for the current federal election. In the absence of a significant Liberal or NDP campaign in the riding, hopes are high in the Green camp that they will be able to make significant advances.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Murray Campbell, captain of the sign team. “Other than Eric’s lawn signs, there wasn’t a single sign up across the counties. People were stopping to congratulate us or asking what was going on. One elderly couple pulled over to ask if the NDP or Liberals were even running candidates, they were so concerned.”

But while the absence of a serious ground campaign from most parties may be good for the Greens, it’s not good for democracy in the riding. As a recent editorial in the Standard-Freeholder pointed out; the situation was “disappointing for the state of democracy.”

SDSG Green candidate Jeanie Warnock agrees. “Even if you don’t win, it’s important to get the issues debated in a public space. So many values that used to be rejected as scandalous —whether that was giving the vote to women or gay rights—were fought for by passionate people until they became mainstream. And now we can’t imagine our lives without them.”

Patrick Burger, a former NDP candidate in the riding, has joined the Greens and is canvassing with Jeanie this weekend.

Lack of an active campaign may also depress voter turnout, further diminishing the opportunity for a productive debate of ideas. In 2019, average voter turnout in 43 of the lowest performing polls in SDSG - all in Cornwall - was as low as 24%, and averaged 33% across the board (excluding people who may have voted in advance polls). Cornwall Island saw just 5% of its registered electors cast a ballot. When large blocks of people don’t vote, they lose the opportunity to voice their concerns and influence future policies.

Warren Brownlee, a retiree who plays with the Seaway Winds Concert Band, is delivering Green Party signs across the city on his bicycle. He had a different solution. “It’s too bad we don’t discuss and debate these ideas between elections,” he said. “Not just this short, five- week period.”

For further information, or to join us canvassing, visit

SDSG Greens Select Their 2021 Candidate: Jeanie Warnock

Avonmore, ON 22 August 2021

The Greens of SDSG nominated Jeanie Warnock, a former English lecturer, as candidate at their AGM in North Stormont Place, Avonmore. One of ten children who grew up on a beef and sugar bush farm, Warnock worked as a riding instructor and horse trainer while earning a PhD. in English Literature from the University of Ottawa.

After working at the university for fifteen years as a sessional lecturer, Warnock left to devote more time to her school-aged son, her elderly parents, and her environmental concerns.

In her acceptance speech, Dr. Warnock called attention to the mental health issues facing youth in the aftermath of the pandemic. “Unless you have private insurance, it’s difficult to obtain therapy or counselling for your child. But as we start to deal with the after-effects of the pandemic, treatment for youth’s mental health should be as easy to access as physical care.”

Warnock took aim at the Liberals for calling what she termed an entirely unnecessary election. “Parents and teachers want to focus on getting their children back to school safely, not participating in an election aimed at consolidating Liberal power.”

But ultimately, Warnock emphasized the election should be about urgent action to slow climate change. “The longer we delay, the more precarious our children’s future becomes.”


‘Severe climate change, habitat loss, and species extinction will dramatically alter, perhaps destroy, the world my son and his generation will live in. “

“As well, the recent unmarked graves at residential schools are a moral imperative that calls us all to make concrete actions of reparation--it's not enough to post "Every Child Matters!" on our FB page; we have to work to support our indigenous communities, including the Mohawks of Akwesasne. “

“Ultimately, we need to provide opportunities for our children and youth, whether that is a child in a rural community with little access to mental health supports or internet; a recent immigrant in Cornwall starting school in Canada for the first time, or First Nations youth striving to fulfill their potential on their own terms. “